I am doing the Masters Nationals in July. Competing is very expensive.

Donations from my fans are greatly appreciated. Any donation of $50.00 or more will receive an autographed 8x10 b/w photo.





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Welcome to my website

I'm Michelle Brent, top national level bodybuilder/personal trainer for the past 20 years. Here you will experience the world of muscle, strength, and beauty.

I want to share my accomplishments with photos of me flexing, training, and just hanging out. You will get to know me better by reading my journal.

Visit my store where I will be selling my awesome "protein" cookies or become a member where you will have access to hundreds of photos, video clips, and tips on nutrition. Also, come visit me on www.ftwebcam.com to chat and get to know me better.

I just want to say I have the greatest fans. You are all so kind and have supported me for so long.

So thanks for stopping by and enjoy browsing around the site.

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May 8, 2006

4 New Galleries in Members Section

muscles on the rocks muscles in a cute dress
muscles in the gym muscles and musclecar

April 25, 2006

New Video Clip

2 New Galleries in Members Section

Michelle poses her muscles on a motorcycle

Michelle flexes with a python

April 2, 2006

hi res pics of Michelle in blue lace bra and panties in Members Galleries

(one pic on free galleries

Michelle pumping her majestic muscles in Members Galleries


Mar 25, 2006
New Video Clip

Fantastic clip of Michelle and Sharee flexing together.  Two gorgeous musclewomen.... WOW!!!

Mar 12, 2006

park pictures in free section

More Washington in Members Section

big blue ball in Members Section

March 7, 2006

4 New Video Clips

barbending in free section biceps in the kitchen in Members Section
dumbell curls in Members Section tricep pushdowns in Members Section

February 14, 2006

2 New Galleries in Members Section
More Dunes More Riverside
2 New Video Clips in Members Section
bellydancing flexing in Philly

January 30, 2006

2 New Galleries in Members Section
Etizolam posing in park
2 New Video Clips in Members Section
benchpress shrugs

January 10, 2006

4 New Galleries in Members Section
red and black River
Dunes Washington
4 New Video Clips in Members Section
curling bicep flexing
cable rows one arm row


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