Welcome to Michelles Majestic Muscle

I was born and raised in the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, but now reside in Philadelphia, Pa. I moved just a few month ago as I got remarried and live on the East Coast now, with my husband, Bill. So now I can say I’m bi-coastal.;>)

I always had a thing for exercising and was always fighting what I though was a weight problem in my early teens, so I would always do some sort of self taught exercise routine at home. I went to a Catholic grade school and the only sports I was involved in then were play ground activities. I started my athletic endeavors in my public high school, Monterey High, where I played tennis, volleyball, field hockey, and my beloved softball. (I am a huge baseball fan and follow my one and only team the “GIANTS”. ;>)).

I proceeded on to junior college and took a weight lifting class as I was studying to be a phys ed teacher. That is were the interest to lift started, but did not quite catch on yet. Then I went on to Sacramento State U to continue, but fell short of my bachelors by one year.

When I got home, I worked as a manager of a bakery chain, and close to it was a health spa. Well, needless to say, I joined with a co-worker and let’s go by the old saying “The rest is history”. I started real weight training under the guidance of a couple that competed then and urged me to do my first show. That was way back in 1985 and I’m still competing to this day.

I don’t want to go into listing all my shows, but let’s just say I’m a top national competitor. I’ve delved in some powerlifting and won a couple of these events. In the mid 90s I also participated in railroad handcart racing. Real fun! A team of 4 race against the clock in those flat carts that used to come to aid engines in the old days. You win by the fastest time. It was a blast!!

I also had my own gym from 1996 to 2000, called “Bayside Fitness”. It was a good experience for me. I had worked with the local high schools’ physically challenged program and had the kids came to my gym for workouts. This was so very rewarding, and I would love to volunteer locally here in Philly some day in their programs.

I placed top 5 in almost every show I have done. I came close to my pro card in 1999 when I came in 2nd at the Nationals. I’m now concentrating on the Masters Nationals, since now there is a pro card available. I came in 2nd again this year and I hope to attain my pro card after, all these years, at this same show next year.