A construction incident was recently reported in Adelaide where a worker’s head was crushed, and he almost lost his life. The labor hire company was issued a $ 150000 fine by the industrial court that convicted and fined the company involved for failing to maintain a safe workplace and environment for workers. This case has been eye opening for many companies in the construction, mining and other industries that do a lot of lifting and moving of heavy weights. They now understand that responsibility of the safety of a workplace lies on their shoulders. The gantry crane and other lifting equipment have come to help eliminate the risks involved with manual handling injuries. Below are some of the things that a company can employ to ensure the safety of workers is paramount at the workplace.

Provide mechanical lifting equipment

The gantry and jib cranes are the best solutions to eliminating risks that are involved with manual lifting and moving jobs. Enforce the use of these equipment by workers in jobs. Additionally, ensure that the gantry crane purchased is of high-quality manufacture and design that is in compliance with Australian ISO standards. Staff also needs to be properly trained on the correct use of these equipment.

Supervision of workers

Supervision of workers is the first step to ensure their safety. To tell the level of supervision necessary, consider things like the level of risk in the job, the experience of the worker, their competence as well as age. Workers that are new to the industry or are experiencing language barriers, for example, will require extra guidance to ensure they do their work safely. Also assess workers regularly until they can accomplish tasks on their own.

Training of workers

Training and education of staff are very essential when it comes to safe handling of overhead cranes. Workers ought to be given the necessary training on how they are supposed to operate such lifting equipment appropriately. Train them on the safety issues as well as proper manual handling techniques. Ensure you also keep records of trainings so that you can assess the performance of a worker, know who hasn’t been trained and who needs further tanning.

Report safety matters

A company that deals with lifting and moving works and that sometimes requires manual handling needs to have a system for which manual handling issues can be reported. This will be beneficial in helping to identify problems as they arise and device proper mechanisms on how to address them. Reporting injuries will give a better understanding of why the injuries occurred and help you take decisions as well.

So many cases are being reported annually not only in Australia but other parts of the world as well on injuries that result from lifting and moving jobs. In the construction, mining and other industries that require lifting, purchasing gantry cranes and other lifting equipment is a step to ensuring that workers are safe. Additionally, training them will ensure their safety and efficient use of your gantry crane. For more details, just visit http://www.millsom.com.au/products/cranes-lifting-equipment