The GW 26 420 represents the very future of the Australian trucking industry. This Japanese prime mover is built to the highest quality possible and provides a relatively safe and highly efficient form of transportation.  In the years since its launch in the Australian market, it has been known for its excellent performance in the heavy duty industry as well as its reliability. It is widely used in the container freight industry as well as in other applications such as the tipper and dog work for companies working in the excavation industry. Other areas where you are likely to see these top rated heavy duty trucks for the Australian market include the skip companies and the trailers for the metro interstate transport fleets.

The truck’s performance and excellent reliability has indeed been recognized in the industry by analysts and buyers alike. It has been ranked as the best heavy duty Japanese prime mover in the Australian market by Steve Brooks in the Diesel Magazine.

There are many other qualities which make this Japanese prime mover such a highly desirable heavy duty vehicle. For example, for its size, it is an unusually quiet heavy duty vehicle. This truck is built with the new Quon features so you can look forward to an array of features such as the ESCOT V transmission system, the integrated 11-litre engines and many more admirable features. All these features combine to offer you the ultimate driving experience and top rated performance when you are operating it.

You can choose from two main wheelbases when it comes to the UD Quon GW 26 420 Japanese prime mover trucks. Additionally, you have all the horsepower that you need in order for you to perform the heavy duty operations. It is a highly sophisticated truck that will be loved for its contemporary look and ultra-modern features while it also comes in a very tough package that can withstand tough trucking conditions on the Australian roads.

The Truck Engine

The truck runs on the latest 11 litre engine from the UD Truck range.  This is a high-tech engine and is the latest that you can get from the company’s lines. It is a smaller capacity engine that also delivers incredible performance. It is a very high economy but is also low on the emissions. With these engines, you get the highest power to the weight ratio in this class of tracks.

Like in all the UD Trucks models, these trucks have also built with the SCR technologies along with the 25,000km service intervals. This is a truck acquisition that makes very good business sense and is guaranteed to offer you a seamless business operation.

Vehicle Emissions

The most important feature of these heavy duty trucks is the use of the SCR technology which eliminates up to 95% of the Nitrous Oxide from your emissions. Through this technology, it is also possible to eliminate almost all of the diesel particulate matter. Buying the UD Quon GW 26 420 therefore gives you access to some of the cleanest heavy duty trucks in the market.

Other admirable features that you have from these top-rated heavy duty trucks include the automated manual transmissions, road-friendly compliant suspensions and the Front Under-run Protection Systems or the FUPs amongst others. Check out here  to learn more about this award-winning Japanese prime mover.